81 Pakistani Teachers on Stanford University’s Top Scientist List

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Twelve teachers from Pakistan made it to a list of the world’s top two per cent scientists compiled by Stanford University. Nine of them are from Punjab University and three from Government College University, Lahore.

The varsity based in the United States recently released a list that represents the top 2% of the most-cited scientists in multiple disciplines. The list comprises around 160,000 persons.

The Punjab University college’s spokesperson said Dr Khalid Mahmood, Dr Mohammad Sharif and Dr Mohammad Akram were selected by Stanford for their lifetime research.

Six more researchers from Punjab University were selected in the category for international examination of one-year research papers, the spokesperson said.

They are Dr Hafiz Azhar, Dr Zeeshan Yousuf, Dr Mohammad Younis, Dr Saima Arshad, Dr Abdur Rehman and Dr Noman Raza.

Dr Mahmood is the only professor in South Asia to have received an award in Information and Library Science.

Over 81 professors were recognized in the lifetime research work list.

Professor Dr Mjuahid Abbas, Professor Dr Zakaullah and Dr Abdul Sattar Nizami were the educationists selected from Government College University, Lahore.

Government College University, Lahore Vice Chancellor Dr Asghar Zaidi congratulated the teachers and said the professors were honoured to be among the world’s best researchers.

List of Top Researchers

1.  Khalid MahmoodPunjab UniversityInformation and Library Sciences
2.Muhammad SharifPunjab UniversityNuclear and Particle Physics
3.Muhammad AkramPunjab UniversityArtificial Intelligence & Image Processing  
4.Muhammad YasinNuclear Institute for Agriculture and BiologyPlant Biology and Botany
5.R. Ellahi  International Islamic University IslamabadMechanical Engineering
6.Muhammad AshrafUniversity of Agriculture FaisalabadPlant Biology and Botany  
7.Muhammad AslamCOMSATS IslamabadNumerical and Computational Mathematics  
8.Noreen Sher AkbarNUST IslamabadMechanical Engineering  
9.Abdul WahidUniversity of Agriculture FaisalabadPlant Biology and Botany  
10.Anwar Hassan GilaniAga Khan University Medical College  Medicinal and Biomolecular Chemistry
11.Zahid ChohanUniversity College of Management and Sciences  Inorganic & Nuclear Chemistry
12.Rob BriddonNational Institute for Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering Pakistan  Virology
13.Christoph BroelschGambat Institute of Medical Science  Surgery
14.Philip RansleySindh Institute of Urology and TransplantationHuman Factors
15.Abdul WaheedNUSTBiochemistry & Molecular Biology  
16.Masood Khan  Quaid-e-Azam UniversityMechanical Engineering
17.Iqbal Chaudhry  Karachi UniversityMedicinal & Biomolecular Chemistry
18.Atta ur Rahman  Karachi UniversityMedicinal & Biomolecular Chemistry
19.Muhammad Mustafa  NUST IslamabadMechanical Engineering
20.Farooq Anwar  University of SargodhaFood Sciences
21.Syed TauseefUniversity of Multan  Mechanical Engineering
22.Muhammad Asghar  Agriculture University FaisalabadBiotechnology
23.Ghulam Murtaza  COMSATS LahoreInformation Systems
24.Tariq MahmoodIBA KarachiPlant Biology and Botany
25.Sania Nishtar  Heartfile PakistanGeneral & Internal Medicine
26.Amir Saeed  Quaid-e-Azam UniversityInorganic & Nuclear Chemistry
27.Fraser MustardAgha Khan UniversityEnvironmental and Occupational Health
28.Muhammad WasimInternational Islamic University Islamabad  Mechanical Engineering
29.Ajmal KhanKarachi UniversityPlant Biology and Botany  
30.Abdul G. Khan  Quaid-e-Azam UniversityPlant Biology and Botany
31.Asif Khan  Sarhad University of Science and Information TechnologyApplied Physics
32.S. Asghar  COMSATS IslamabadMechanical Engineering
33.Kabir AhmedAga Khan UniversityGeneral & Internal Medicine  
34.Muhammad Rizwan  Bahria UniversityApplied Physics
35.Haq Nawaz BhattiUniversity of Agriculture FaisalabadGeneral Chemistry  
36.Muhammad Tahir  University of GujratNanoscience and Nanotechnology
37.Tasneem Gul QaziUniversity of Sindh  Analytical Chemistry
38.Hugh BrammerFAO/UNDP Soil Survey Project of Pakistan  Environmental Sciences
39.Muhammad QasimCOMSATS IslamabadPlant Biology and Botany  
40.Mujahid Abbasi  GC University LahoreGeneral Mathematics
41.Ayesha KausarQuaid-e-Azam University  Polymers
42.Khalid Muhammad  Karachi UniversityMedicinal & Biomolecular Chemistry
43.Muhammad Yousaf  GC University FaisalabadGeneral Chemistry
44.Darakhshan JabeenKarachi UniversityPharmacology & Pharmacy  
45.Zabta Khan ShinwariQuaid-e-Azam University PlantBiology & Botany  
46.Saeed AhmedUniversity of Agriculture FaisalabadInorganic & Nuclear Chemistry  
47.Khalida Inayat Noor  COMSATS IslamabadGeneral Mathematics
48.Sardar KhanUniversity of Peshawar  Environmental Sciences
49.M. Ajmal  PCSIR LabsEnergy
50.Hazrat AliUniversity of Malakand  Environmental Sciences
51.Munawar IqbalUniversity of Lahore  General Chemistry
52.Asghar MaqsoodAir University Islamabad  Materials
53.Muhammad SaleemPIEAS  Medicinal & Biomolecular Chemistry
54.Muhammad ZakaullahGC University LahoreApplied Physics  
55.Khalid MahmoodSarhad University of Science and Information TechnologyGeneral and Internal Medicine  
56.Nadeem Javed  COMSATS IslamabadNetworking & Telecommunications
57.Waqar-ud-din AhmedKarachi UniversityMedicinal & Biomolecular Chemistry  
58.Muhammad IbrahimGC University Faisalabad  Biotechnology
59.Bina Shaheen SiddiquiKarachi UniversityMedicinal & Biomolecular Chemistry  
60.Syed ShahzadCOMSATS IslamabadMechanical Engineering
61.Majid KhanInstitute of Space Technology Islamabad  Artificial Intelligence & Image Processing
62.A. Zeeshan  International Islamic University IslamabadMechanical  Engineering
63.Faisal ShafaatNUST IslamabadArtificial Intelligence & Image Processing  
64.Abdul MalikAbdul Wali Khan University Mardan  General Chemistry
65.Kashif IshfaqueCUST Islamabad  Electrical & Electronic Engineering
66.Muhammad AsifCOMSATS IslamabadArtificial Intelligence & Image Processing  
67.Z. Abbas  Islamia UniversityMechanical Engineering
68.Muhammad Waqas  National University of TechnologyApplied Physics
69.Sanaullah  University of SwatNetworking & Telecommunications
70.Khalid ZamanUniversity of Wah  Electrical & Electronic Engineering
71.Muhammad Zaman  Quaid-e-Azam University  Cultural Studies
72.Mansoor Shafi  UET LahoreNetworking & Telecommunications
73.Rizwan ul Haq  Bahria UniversityMechanical Engineering
74.Qaisar Abbas NaqwiQuaid-e-Azam University  Networking & Telecommunications  
75.Nasir AliInternational Islamic University Islamabad  Mechanical Engineering
76.Riffatullah Khan  University of Agriculture PeshawarDairy and Animal Sciences
77.Najeeb Alam KhanKarachi UniversityMechanical Engineering  
78.Asifullah KhanPIEAS IslamabadArtificial Intelligence & Image Processing  
79.Muhammad Awais  COMSATS UniversityMechanical Engineering
80.Haroon KhanAbdul Wali Khan University Mardan  Medicinal & Biomolecular Chemistry
81.Rashid Khan  Quaid-e-Azam UniversityComplementary & Alternative Medicine

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