This 5-Layered Anti Corona Facemask Acts As Corona Killer

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Scientists at Nottingham Trent University, England, have developed an anti corona facemask which acts as a killer for the deadly Coronavirus.

This special face mask acts as an obstacle for Coronavirus as well as kills it on contact.

Let’s see, what is special in this mask and how it is different from a normal facemask.

This mask is different from a normal facemask in many ways.

Firstly, it has 5 layers, unlike a normal facemask which has only 3 layers. Secondly, this very special mask has active mechanism to kill the Coronavirus, which a normal facemask lacks.

The five layers are:

  • 1st layer: Fluid repellent layer
  • 2nd layer: First filter layer
  • 3rd layer: Antiviral Nano-tech layer (uses nano copper technology)
  • 4th layer: Second filter layer
  • 5th layer: Hypoallergenic hydrophilic layer

How it works?

When the virus hits the mask, the copper ions get emitted. These emitted copper ions interact with the genetic material of the virus. As a result, the virus stops from reproducing and becomes inactive.

This anti corona facemask has the ability to kill 90% of the Coronavirus using nanotechnology. Furthermore, it has a 99.98% filtration efficiency.

According to details, the mask will be available sale next month.

Source: ProPakistani

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