Govt to Launch e-Transfer and Posting Module Soon

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The Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB) has given the e-Transfer and

Posting Module to the Federal Government Educational Institutions (FGEI Cantt

& Garrisons) after executives carefully examined the team capable of taking

care of the program. Developed by the PITB, the e-Transfer and Posting Module

is currently bing tested and is required to launched with complete functionality

later this month.

The e-Transfer and Posting Module will be a major pillar in gaining clearness by

regarding the pillars of a democratic government in the present system while

aiming to improve ability through the self-regulation of manual and repeated

tasks. Apart from solving priority issues and the implementation of systems, the

module will be a leap towards paperless agencies and e-governance. Its one of

the many projects initiated by the government to support the revisionist technological backdrop of Punjab.


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