Lake Saiful Muluk, A place That Every One Must Visit

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Have you ever visited to lake Saiful Muluk?

If yes, then great.

If no, then you have seen nothing.

Let me introduce you the most beautiful lake of Pakistan, lake Saiful Muluk, a lake of fairies.

Lake Saiful Muluk is one of the highest mountainous lakes of Pakistan. It has an attitude of 3,224 meters above the sea level.


Mansehra district of KPK, about 9 km north of Naran town, in the northern part of Kaghan valley.


The divine lake is like a bowl, surrounded by huge glaciers. Its water is greenish blue and very clear. The melting water from surrounding glaciers accumulates in the lake.

The lake has a large ecosystem diversity including a rare brown trout fish, large amount of blue-green algae, a variety of water-plants and phytoplankton.

Both Kaghan and Naran are very popular for Trout fishing.

Why it is called Saiful Muluk?

Well, that’s a beautiful tale of love.

Sufi poet, Mian Muhmmad bakhsh wrote a tale about Persian prince named Saiful Muluk who fell in love with a fairy princess, Badri ul Jamala at the magical lake.

Guide for tourists

The best time to visit the magical lake is from June to September because due to heavy snowfall the lake is frozen completely in winters.

At day time the temperature is very pleasant (15 to 20 degree centigrade) however, at night it drops to about 3 degree centigrade

Oh yes, boating facility is also available there. But you must do it at your own risk because the lake debt is still unknown. Unluckily, there is no rescue system.

You can do camping as well; basic facilities are available.

Also, you can enjoy horse riding.

If you wish to see the moon at its highest brightness, your dream can come true here.

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