Masjid e Tuba Karachi Also Called Gol Masjid

Masjid e tuba Karachi is also known as Gol Masjid.


DHA, Karachi, about 1 km Southeast of the Cantonment Railway Station.


Established in 1969

Start of construction (September 1996)

End of construction (November 1969)

Deigned by Dr. Babar Hamid Chauhan


The whole mosque is under one large dome (also considered to be the world’s largest dome), increases the power of attraction. The dome stands without any pillar support and has a diameter of 212 feet and altitude of 5148 feet. Furthermore, there is only one minaret with 120 feet height.

While designing of the mosque, the number of persons it will accommodate easily was kept into consideration. The main prayer hall can accommodate about 5000 persons. However, including terrace the capacity increases to 8000. Further, if we include the lawns of the mosque, then persons accommodation becomes 30,000.

The plot area is 5570 square yards whereas the built up area is 35312 square feet.

This mosque is a significant symbol of Islamic culture. White shiny marble are used in the whole interior. Moreover, mirror work (70,000 mirrors in number) in the interior of the mosque gives an elegant and classic look. Thermal proofed property of the mosque gives more advantages.

Note for visitors

Victors are warmly welcome any time to Masjid e Tuba Karachi. There is a fresh green lawn outside the mosque for them. However, visitors must respect prayer times especially on Friday.

The details of the mosque and map is given below:

 Details and map

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