Pakistan Became Champion of the World Economic Forum (WEF)

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WEF has appreciated government’s Green policy and as a result added Pakistan in the Champions for Nature Community.

Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on Climate Change (SAPM), Malik Amin Aslam shared this news in an official letter of the WEF.

In their latter, WEF praised the Pakistan Green policy and its initial steps.

WEF stated that champions for nature are the great leaders whose aim is to:

  • Protect environment
  • Fight the climate changes
  • Support global economic growth
  • Save the world against any environmental degradation until 2030

Government’s Green policy initiatives

An Introduction to Green Pakistan Programme (GPP) – Forestrypedia

Aim of the Pakistan’s Green policy is to conserve the nature and environment. Pakistan took the following initiatives for creating jobs and restoring the natural ecosystem.

  • In August, over a million volunteers of the prime minister’s Tiger Force, planted trees as part of the 10 Billion Tree Tsunami initiative. The day was called the “Tiger Force Day”.
  • Provision of green jobs during the outbreak of virus to cope up with unemployment
  • Green Stimulus project
  • Setting up nurseries and natural forests.
  • Setting up honey, fruit, and olive plantations in the country

WEF said that these initiatives would be a major success for the Champions for Nature Community.

Malik Amin said that Pakistan’s inclusion in the champions community by WEF is a great honor for the country.

He said that it was the result of the government’s best policies and a recognition of PM’s Green vision.

Our real champion of nature is Prime Minister Imran Khan. We are fortunate that our leader loves nature and takes keen interest in the protection of environment and a secure future for our next generation,” he said.

He further added that “It is one of the best opportunities for Pakistan to take the initiatives forward through a proper platform when the world is minutely observing our widely acclaimed projects, which include Green Stimulus, 10-Billion Tree Tsunami and Protected Areas Initiative”.

Green policy of Pakistan has very punchy impacts on Pakistan tourism industry. Planting green lavish forests attracts the tourists and thus increases the level of Pakistan tourism industry.

Also, plants are crucial for fresh and dust free air, thus planting ensures good health of people.

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