Pakistan Medical Commission Launches Online Services

Pakistan Medical
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Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan has launched the online service of the Pakistan

Medical Commission (PMC) to help the country’s healthcare system. While

inaugurating the service, he said that the move will express a huge role in setting

the rules for medical experts in the future. “It is a major step, and every society

should move towards using it,” he said. The PM revealed that the government’s

health care system, which has already been given to all the residents of Khyber

Pakhtunkhwa, will fundamentally transform the system. He also highlighted the

situation of the underprivileged citizens and stated that the expanding healthcare

system of the country will help them avail of property assistance. “We are also

incentivising the private sector to import pharmaceutical equipment to uplift the

medical sector,” he added. The PMC’s online service will basically support the role

of the regulator, and bring the country’s healthcare sector ‘on par with the rest of the world’.


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