Pakistan Electronic Voting System To Be Introduced Soon

Pakistan to soon introduce electronic voting system

PM Imran Khan has announced that electronic voting system will be introduced in Pakistan soon. The aim is to ensure fair and free elections in the country.

PM addressed the nation on television yesterday. In the address he said that, electoral reforms are underway. Soon, we will implement it after consulting with the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP).

He said that electronic voting system in Pakistan will also allow abroad Pakistanis to cast their votes. This will easily allow them to participate in the decision making process in Pakistan.

He also gave an example of 2013 elections and said that all were rigged.

“After denying our demand of reopening 4 constituencies in 2013 elections, those elections were more rigged as compared to 2018 elections”, Khan said.

The number of people filing rigging plea was reduced from 133 (in 2013) to 102 (in 2018), he recalled.

Recalling the 2018 elections, PM said that the government made a committee under Pervez Khattak, Defense minister of Pakistan. Its purpose was to investigate the rigging allegations in the elections, 18. But just after the first session, all the opposition leaders left the meeting, Khan added.

PM called on the opposition parties to become a part of legislations for the electoral reforms to ensure secure voting in future, PM added.

He also stressed on the need for constitutional amendments to eliminate secret voting.

At last PM thanked the people of Gilgit-Baltistan for their confidence in PTI in the recently held elections. He promised that he will fulfill all the promises that he had made during his address in Gilgit.

Source: ProPakistani

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