PM Approves Reconstitution of Economic Advisory Council

PM Approves
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The Prime Minister has approved the re-constitution of the Economic Advisory

Council (EAC) to support macro-economic stabilisation measures and carry

forward the reform program for robust and continued economic growth. The EAC

shall be chaired by the Prime Minister. Minister for Finance and Revenue shall be

the Vice-Chairman. In the loss of the Prime Minister, the Finance Minister may

chair the conference. The EAC shall hold private sector members as well as

established members. The Economic Advisory Council will have an announcement

and capacity increase relationship with the Government of Pakistan. It will engage

with economic companies collaboratively and synergetic-ally. The EAC will follow

the consultative process and suggest policy initiatives that will further strengthen

and optimise financial and business management in order to enhance their health

impact for the citizens. The ultimate goal of the EAC is to improve analytically sound

and evidence-based reforms and actions after taking all stakeholders on board.

The Ministry of Finance will be the nodal government agency for the EAC. The re-

constitution of the Economic Advisory Council is aimed at framing an agenda for

economic reforms in an entirely non-partition behavior and promoting an active

and informed debate that leads to sound policymaking, analytical vetting, and

active monitoring as envisaged by the leadership for sustained institutional

changes and modernisation of the Public Sector and improve public welfare.

Finance Division released a notification on Saturday with fame for the reconstituted Economic Advisory Council (EAC). The names include:

  1. Abid Suleri
  2. Arif Habib
  3. Asif Qureshi
  4. Ejaz Nabi
  5. Farooq Rehmatullah
  6. Muhammad Ali Tabba
  7. Dr. Rashid Amjad
  8. Salman Shah
  9. Shaukat Tarin
  10. Shamshad Akhtar
  11. Sultan Allana
  12. Syed Saleem Raza
  13. Zaid Ali Muhammad

Other official members of the committee will include the ministers for energy,

planning and development, industries and creation, food security and research,

and economic affairs. The advisors to PM on Commerce, institutional reform and

simplicity, overseas Pakistanis, and power and petroleum will also me among the

official members, along with BOI chairman and SBP governor. This also dispels the

falsehoods about Shaukat Tareen being regarded as the head of the EAC.


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