Sindh Health Minister Makes a Shocking Revelation About COVID-19 Variants

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The UK, South African, and Brazilian alternatives of COVID-19 have been found

in Sindh, unpolished Minister of Health and Population Welfare, Dr. Azra Fazal

Pechuho, has verified. According to details, Agha Khan University (AKU) Hospital

performed a genomic study on 13 separate samples of Coronavirus.

The UK variant caught in 10 samples while South African and Brazilian individuals

wereidentified in 1 sample each. The original strain of COVID-19 was discovered

in 1 sample. In a video message, Dr. Azra termed the development as alarming

and said that these variants have high transmissibility and fatality rates, adding

that these strains are not vaccine responsive either because efficacies of COVID-19

vaccines against these variants have not determined yet.

She requested the public to avoid crowded spaces, social distancing, and

unnecessary travel and adhere to COVID-19 SOPs otherwise, a humanitarian

disaster comparable to India can explode in the province as well.


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