WhatsApp Competitor ‘Signal’ Enables Payments In Cryptocurrencies

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WhatsApp contestant Signal has declared support for cryptocurrency amounts,

a world-first for any messaging app.

According to a statement in Decrypt, users of the privacy-focused app can

now exchange MobileCoin a “privacy coin” directly through Signal. Currencies

such as Bitcoin and Ethereum are in the pipeline, scheduled rollouts have been

recorded in the coming months. Signal has bothering a move into the crypto

game for quite some time now. Creator Moxie Marlinspike, the attorney for the

MobileCoin network, told a news break, I would like to get to a world where not

only can you feel that when you talk to your therapist over Signal, but also when

you spend your therapist for the session over Signal

Furthermore, a touchdown page on the Signal Foundation site says that a non-

profit organisation, which backs the app, has started holding donations in digital

fiat including Bitcoin Ethereum, Litecoin, ChainLink, and Zcash. While there’s no

apparent progress behind integrating all cryptocurrencies to Signal’s mainframe,

the officials surrounding the app are lucky that this moves soon.

Source: https://propakistani.pk/2021/04/07/whatsapp-competitor-signal-enables-payments-in-cryptocurrencies/

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